Monday, 24 August 2009

Wife carrying and other grazy competitions.

Check these videos:

Swamp Soccer -

The Sauna Championships -

The Wife Carrying Championships -

Check also NTDTV report of Wife Carrying Competitition.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Finland travel guide - Wikitravel.

In you have very little info about Finland, this is definetively good place to start your virtual adventure into Finland. All basic info is there + plenty of more; short festival guide, shopping, eating and so on.

Finns reading this blog, please update any relevant info into the Wiki.

Pictures of Finland.

Maybe you are considering about travelling to Finland? What about few pictures of Finland? Here are few links where you can find photos of Finland:

Finland @ Flickr. Probably most democratic view into Finland.

thisisFINLAND - photos. "Official" Finland by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. - Finland. Touristic view of Helsinki and couple other biggest cities.

Lapland @ Flickr. Lapland is nothern part of Finland. Snow, nature, aurora borealis and more.

Hopefully these helped a bit? :)